Simple UV Spectrophotometric Method Development for Determination of Meropenem in Bulk Form

  • Saima Asif Faculty of Pharmacy,
  • Tanweer Alam Drug Regulatory Authority
  • Amber Nawab Faculty of Pharmacy, Jinnah University for Women
  • Safila Naveed Faculty of Pharmacy, Jinnah University for Women
Keywords: Meropenem, Bulk Pharmaceutical, UV Spectrophotometer, Stability Study


The drug Meropenem was analyzed by using UV spectrophotometer. The quantification of the drug was achieved in the wavelength range of 200-400 nm at 298nm. The developed method was applied for rapid analysis of the bulk form. The value of Relative Standard Deviation were found to be within acceptable range of less than 2%. The parameters of validation- linearity, precision, accuracy, specificity, robustness, limit of detection and limit of quantitation were calculated according to International Conference on Harmonization guidelines. The UV spectrophotometric method was performed at 298 nm. The samples were prepared in water followed by the stability studies of meropenem in aqueous solution at 4, 25 and 40 degrees C along with acidic and alkaline conditions. The results were satisfactory with good stability after 24 h at 4 degrees C. The method was validated and demonstrated to be rugged. The limit of quantitation and the limit of detection were established as 0.187 and 0.569 respectively. The developed validated UV spectrophotometric method is potentially valuable for routine laboratory analysis because of its ease, simplicity, rapidness, sensitivity, precision and accuracy.

Author Biographies

Saima Asif, Faculty of Pharmacy,

Jinnah University for Women

Tanweer Alam, Drug Regulatory Authority

 Government of Pakistan

Amber Nawab, Faculty of Pharmacy, Jinnah University for Women

Jinnah University for Women