• Prof. Dr. Khan Usmanghani Jinnah University for Women, Karachi Pakistan.


Jinnah University for Women, Karachi, Pakistan has the distinction to initiate and start three journals under the umbrella of Rayazuddin Research & Development Society. These three journals are Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (JPPS) Journal of Biological Research & Applied Sciences (JBRASS), Journal of Social Sciences &Business Management. The information and communication through research delineation, JUW is changing the way at the forefront of efforts to explore pharmaceutical, applied sciences, social sciences and business management processes. As we prepare students who will understand and be able to study and carry out research in all these three fields as the communication revolution that in time to come to expand. JUW graduate programs combine teaching, research and practical applications. Our graduates go on to positions of leadership and responsibility in pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and serve in organizations related to biological sciences and its implication to serve in corporations, new business ventures, government and nonprofit organizations, as well as academia. Our faculty members are drawn from a wide range of academic disciplines, and include distinguished scholars and researchers, editors of journals, officers in prestigious national and international professional associations, and highly respected consultants to government and private industry. Faculty members work closely with students, often on exciting joint research projects that appear in all three journals published by the Rayazuddin Research & Development Society. At the leading edge, the goal is to develop a different idea and understanding of a new form of innovative research, but also of pharmaceutical –medical, applied sciences, social and business management journalism and how we as a society consume information.”

Author Biography

Prof. Dr. Khan Usmanghani, Jinnah University for Women, Karachi Pakistan.

Editor, RADS_ JPPS, Visiting Professor, Clinical Pharmacy and Health Care, Faculty of Pharmacy,