Upright Attempts for a Splendid Future

  • Dr. Muhammad Liaquat Raza Lund University, Lund, Sweden


I am pleased to release the 7th volume and very first issue (year 2019) of the RADS-JPPS. This issue contains research and review articles on interesting and important topics. The published articles of this issue covered diversified range of pharmaceutical and related topics. Study about quality testing of various available brands of one of the widely used antibiotics i.e., moxifloxacin, will provide physicians and pharmacists a good insight to choose product with better quality. Another article focused on the protein kinase inhibitory potential and anti-fungal of ribavirin metallic complexes. It will be good add on to those researchers who may be interested to explore other potential activities of this antiviral drug. However, meta-analysis about NSAIDs induced ulcers will be valuable for practitioners to optimize the dosing and time course of NSAIDs usage in order to minimize the susceptibility to develop ulcer as well as its treatment. Two articles of this issue are related to activities of natural products, revealing the anti-ulcer effect of Nardostachys jatamansi in an assay, while other study reported the bactericidal mechanism of Sphaeranthus indicus. It is worthy to mention that this issue has included a study which is from the alternative treatment approach domain i.e., homeopathy, it is first time to report the actions of homeopathic 'Mother Tincture Aesculus hippocastanum' in respect to its antibacterial potential. Lastly, review on pharmacological activities of Punica granatum will turn very much helpful to those working on this plant. Likewise, Grewia asiatica's review covering its composition and activities in one article provided a comprehensive picture about this plant. I hope readers and researchers of the fields will find this issue really informative and worthy. I would be happy to get any comment and notes from the readers of RADS-JPPS. Our editorial team is constantly putting their best efforts to provide readers with updated and cutting-edge findings and improve the quality of the journal. Send us your latest findings to be part of upcoming issues of 2019.

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Dr. Muhammad Liaquat Raza, Lund University, Lund, Sweden

Chief Editor, RADS-JPPS

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