Scientific Publishing Today: Some Concerns and Recommendations

  • Dr. Muhammad Liaquat Raza


Scientific research is expanding day by day, researchers around the globe are in search of new insights on various avenues of medicine. Some are trying to get the breakthrough discoveries specially in the fields of oncology and neurodegenerative disorders. Compare to past, if we go 30 to 40 years back, the quantum of publishing journals and research articles were not that high than at present. Hundreds of articles are published on daily basis today. From one angle it is positive that every single or minute dimension is being studied by researcher and to get to know better about the myths of diseases including rare diseases. On the other hand, such huge number of research articles make literature search so tedious. Specially, if the relevant published literature is in different language. Nevertheless, there are many options available today, for example, online translation site or instant translator software can translate the text into your desired language, although not with 100% accuracy.

Keeping oneself update with current literature is an important essence in research, otherwise if current research work has already been published which you came across later on, it will not only be frustrating but also waste of time, energy and funds. Young researchers in particular who are just entered in the field, facing this situation so often. Thus, it is important to have grip on relevant literature of your research focus. Unfortunately, since couple of years, many predatory publishers came into market and making the science a ‘business’. It is highly recommended for young researchers to must look at the journal’s validity and authenticity before sending their work. As these predatory journals are like hunters, they look for new people and those who are not much aware of the system. They send emails over emails and offer to be part of editorial board even Chief editor. As the focus of these predatory journals is to earn money thus may ruin your scientific repute, they sometime put names and photos of renowned scientists as their editorial board member without their consent. A young author by looking at the big names get traps and send the manuscript. Some people tried to compile the list of such publishers or standalone journals, which they’ve put on their web pages. It would be of helpful to seek help from such web site to look for the predatory journals or publishers.

In short, I would conclude with these words that science is the name of honesty, patience, dedication, vigilance and hard work. It is important we should do quality science and share it with scientific community via reliable journals. It is also our responsibility to guide the young scientists with pitfalls of today’s publishing along with their solutions. Moreover, to also keep an eye on those journals/publishers who are making science dirty and misleading the researchers.

Author Biography

Dr. Muhammad Liaquat Raza

Chief Editor, RADS-JPPS
Lund University, Lund, Sweden

Editors Note