Studies on Fruit Pectin in the Development of Tablet Formulations of Ibuprofen

  • Nausheen Tariq Siddiqui Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University Liyari
  • Ramla binte Baber
  • Rsfi Akhtar Sultan
  • Iqbal Azhar
  • Waseemuddin Ahmed
  • Zafar Alam Mahmood
Keywords: Pectin, tablet formulation, ibuprofen, disintegration, dissolution.


Background: Pectin, a naturally occurring polysaccharide is more than a food additive and has got amazing properties as a gelling agent and as a binder.

Objective: The current research entails the extraction and identification of pectin from peels of selected fruits mango (Magnifera indica) and banana (Musa paradisiaca) by direct heating and using alcohol as precipitating agent. The potential of pectin as a binding agent in tablet formulation was evaluated by screening its micromeritics and post compression properties.

Method: quadruple formulations of ibuprofen with crude peel pectin extracted from mango and banana in concentration of 50, 75, 100 and 125 mg respectively were employed in the tablet manufacture process by wet granulation method.

Results: Successful formulation of tablet was done with the extracted pectin from the two fruit peels. The micromeritics properties showed good binding and flowing properties. An increase in concentration of pectin increased the hardness and also the dissolution of tablets up to a certain extent. The disintegration time was suitable for all formulations.

Conclusion: It was concluded that pectin extracted from mango and banana peels can be used as a super disintegrating agent in pharmaceutical formulations, where needed.