Concept of Nutrigenomics Exists in Unani Medical Philosophy

  • Ashhar Qadeer Jamia Hamdard , New Delhi-110025 (India)
  • Muhammad Usama Ashhar Jamia Hamdard , New Delhi-110025 (India)
Keywords: Unani medicine, Essential Causes, Diet- Therapy, Temperament, Organ Therapy


The concept of nutrigenomics in medical philosophy has been delineated at length to focus attention the usefulness of diet to ward off malaise and diseases. Attention has been emphasize on nutrigenomic, dimension, background, development, basics and scope for the understanding of the subject matter. As a result the nutrigenomics can be linked with seven fundamental theoretical and functional principles that augments the diet therapy.

Author Biographies

Ashhar Qadeer, Jamia Hamdard , New Delhi-110025 (India)

Faculty of Unani Medicine

Muhammad Usama Ashhar, Jamia Hamdard , New Delhi-110025 (India)

Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy