Behavioral and Psychological Changes Before and After Lock Down of COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Lailoona Jaweed Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health Sciences Iqra University
  • Asma Iftikhar Deputy Manager Regulatory Affairs Nabiqasim Industries PVT Ltd
  • Afreen Zafar Assistant Manager Quality Assurance Maxitech Pharma Pvt Ltd
Keywords: COVID-19, behavioral issues in COVID-19, psychological changes, pandemic


Introduction: COVID has been spreading aggressively all over the world that has made life of an individual difficult. The extremely infectious nature of the syndrome and its lethal outcomes led to changes in lifestyle for people all around the world, which forced the countries to move to lockdown state which in turn affected individual’s life. This article focuses on the behavioral and psychological impact on life before and after the lockdown.

Methodology: This study was conducted for the period of one month, during which data was collected using a google survey form. A total of 467 responses were collected that were analyzed in percentage. The questionnaire was comprised of different sets of questions, like their belief in the virus’s existence, sleep patterns, food, and diet intake, their social life Etc.

Results: After analyzing all the positive and negative impacts it is concluded that it has a 73% positive impact in terms of their social activities, use of social media, and hygiene practices. But it also imposes 70%of negative impacts on their life like junk eating, lack of sleep, fear of poverty, and financial issues.

Conclusion: It is concluded that COVID has both positive and negative impacts on the population.